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Pay House Tax Online

The Nagar Nigam of Lucknow provides the very important and easy facility to pay your bills and taxes online. The net payment service is very popular and simple. It is more liked by the citizen, as it is effortless.  

To benefit the facilities and services of online transaction and payments, it needs house proprietor to register on the official website of Nagar Nigam, it just needs to click on the link with the mouse button for the registration of him/ her.

While the process of registration a form will open. It has to be filling very carefully with awareness.  First thing, that need to enter is house ID. In case of any type of help, press help button.

It will obtain another window page on which you can search the perfect location of your house by entering house number/ name / or location. It will give out the result having computer code (Hose ID). Click on the code related to your search and close the window after that.

Now it needs to provide login name and password along with phone or mobile number, present postal address and e-mail ID. Please save your login and password for future use.

After all these process, you become enrolled member of municipality of Lucknow for payment through online of nagar nigam Lucknow house tax. You can visit or enter the page anytime with your unique username and secret code.

Click x’gdj tkus, for net payment. It will display all the records and details of bill for present financial year for registered House IDs only.

For the payment of bill or Lucknow nagar nigam house tax, one should know how much amount have to pay. Enter the sum that you have to give click Net payment button. Select the name of bank that carries your account for bill payment. It must be remind that there is only one bank, which is HDFC Bank present in the list. HDFC Bank is approved to lengthen the Net payment facility, so the owners who have their accounts with this bank can pay taxes and bill online.

After clicking the link this bank, you will be redirected to the official website of Bank for transactions. It need to enter identification of customer and personal identification number (password) provided by this bank.

  • Select the type of Account.
  • Verify the vendor’s name (LNN) and amount.
  • Press button to continue.
  • Press Confirmation Button to proceed, else back in case of doubt.

After the confirmation of transaction completion, you can take printout of payment details from internet for further future reference.

For the online payment mode, you have to register for online house tax payment.

If you register once, you will immediately get your email ID and password. You can use your login Id to pay nagar nigam Lucknow house tax online on the proper time.

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Details of Lucknow Nagar Nigam

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